About Us

We are a group of individual who have a mission to spread education and make people aware about what’s going in the educational sector especially in Pakistan and generally from all over the world.

Our mission is to keep our visitors updated about the various discourse, events, opinion, notifications, career opportunities, research work, government and private sector initiatives.

In this way we believe that it will not only help educational institution to be in contact with society but it will be a bridge between public and educational institution as well.

We used to collect information from different reliable sources and put them on display. Keep in mind that we are not affiliated to any of the institute in personal capacity. We value each and every institution and individuals irrespective of size, fame, and worth.

The purpose of this blog is to show case all the work and struggle that is going to be accomplished or people engaged with academia. The popular news agencies have been failed to give a proper coverage to academic work. Hence we came up to the front to full fill this gap.

And we believe that it is big gift for students, teachers and society.