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A very warm and heartiest welcome to all the new comers . Congratulations for you made into a prestigious institution of the province. Coming straight to the point, Enjoy your studies at Ayub medical college. The talks in the town are some what bad about Ayub medical college. But they are based on misquotations and rumors . In Ayub, you will reap what you sow. So, try to sow fruits 🍐 you will definitely get the nicest reap out of it.
Don’t pay heed to the rumors regarding lesser marks and prejudice from teachers. These are mere rumours. Work hard , believe in your own self. Bee confident and stay focused .
Based on my personal experience , i suggest to all out there who have ambitions to get gold medals or be the toppers. Please go for this. You can do this. Don’t get demoralized with the people saying, ‘ just pass it’.
You only get to this once. So do it the best way you can manage.
All my prayers are with you people.
Hope you all get polished to diamonds.


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