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University of Agriculture Faisalabad students set up stalls of eggs dishes to mark World Egg Day

FAISALABAD October 13: The per person annual consumption of eggs is only 65 in the country whereas human body requirement stands at 300 eggs a year, causing various diseases due to deficiency of protein and other essential food ingredients.

It was stated by UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar at a seminar held in connection with World Egg Day at University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF). The seminar was arranged by Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, UAF that was chaired by Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar.

He was flanked by Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Dean Dr Ahrar Ahmad, Faculty of Agriculture Dean Dr Muhammad Amjad, Director General National Institute of Food Sciences and Technology Dr Tahir Zahoor, Senior Tutor Dr Athar Javed, Dr Binish Asad, Dr Misbah Ijaz and other notables.

Talking to participants, Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar said that amid the situation of increasing ailment in the country, there is need to change food habits keeping its nutrition value, life style and body requirement in view.

He said that eggs must be made the essential part of our intake. He said that egg is high values food and it also decreases the risk of many diseases like cardiovascular and cancer. He said that usage of egg whiteness was being recommended for the hepatics c patients.

He showed his concern that junk food, and energy drinks had become popular in the society. These are not fit for a healthy life. He said we have to adopt the simplicity in our food that would lead towards a health society.

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Dean Dr Ahrar Ahmad said that world egg day was initiated in 1996 in order to raise awareness among the masses about its benefits and their important role in life. He said that egg is an important source of nutrition. It contains proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Nutrition expert Dr Binish Asad said that it has vitamin B which protects skin, hair and liver. She said that egg contains omega three acids which reduce triglyceride levels. She said that it is also helpful in the weight reduction. She said that women, whose daily diet, include eggs decreases the risk of breast cancer. She said that due to it, the aging process slow down. She also said that the patients of blood pressure can use the egg with balance. The students also set up stalls of eggs dishes of eggs


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